Don Song Gulzaar Chhaniwala Mp3

Don Song Gulzaar Chhaniwala Mp3

Don Song Gulzaar Chhaniwala Mp3

Song – Don
Duration – 04:20
Size – 6 MB
Singer – Gulzar Chhaniwala
Writer – Gulzar Chhaniwala
Music – Gulzar Chhaniwala
Genre – Haryanvi
Published – Soon June 2020
Lable – Tera Bhai Gulzar

Don Song Gulzaar Chhaniwala Mp3
Don Song Gulzaar Chhaniwala Mp3

गीत – डॉन
अवधि – 04:20
आकार – 6 एमबी
गायक – गुलज़ार छनिवाला
लेखक – गुलज़ार छनिवाला
संगीत – गुलज़ार छनिवाला
शैली – हरियाणवी
प्रकाशित – जल्द ही जून 2020
लबल – तेरा भाई गुलज़ार

Don Song Gulzaar Chhaniwala Mp3 Latest Haryanvi Hindi Song Free Download 2020 Shiv Jangra Tera Bhai Gulzar

Gulzar Chhaniwala is one of the most talented and famous singer of Haryana.
He belongs to District Bhiwani Haryana, his real name is Ashish Sharma
He started his career with the song Kasoote and that was a hugely successful song.

After the success of Kasootte he returned with kasootte 2 and this was also
a big hit like the previous song and so on Gulzar is still giving back to back
Hit Song like

Jug Jug Jive
Randa Party
Dada Pota
And Now DON

He is so humble and down to earth person comes from a middle-class family and he also made a song named Middle class. Gulzar is a star of Haryana today, but he has not just a single ego habit. That’s why he always rules the hearts of people.

Devi one of his most successful song also spreading his legacy in the music industry, It is very emotional and heart touching song
describing the conditions of women in today’s environment.

Devi was actually based on Eve Teasing and crime against women
Especially after the Hyderabad rape case, this song will really give a strong message to the people.
Who thought that women are just a thing.

Haryanvi Music Industry is growing not only in a quantitative manner but also in qualitative. Youngsters author singer and composer working excellently. In the past people were taking Haryanvi music songs just a low quality stolen matter but today’s thoughts have changed.

Now he is coming with his latest single track DON. His projects get late due to Corona Virus Covid-19 But he always entertain his fans


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